LeoVegas jackpot winner in mobile casino!

A mobile casino customer won a jackpot just a few days ago. The story behind this one is really funny to be honest. The customer was playing on the mobile casino whilst sitting on the toilet, apparently he had been eating something bad and was stuck there for a while, so he thought that he might as well play some mobile casino meanwhile! The customer only deposited £50 and ended up with close to £30 000!

The customer was later on interviewed by LeoVegas, and he told them his story behind the jackpot win, which LeoVegas probably had a good laugh about, with all rights! When he actually won the jackpot, he couldn’t really believe that it was true, he initially thought that some kind of video had been triggered that was showcasing how the jackpot feature was looking in the game, however when he closed the game and checked his account balance he got further confirmation that this might actually have been a real win. To confirm to 100%, the customer called in to LeoVegas customer service, which after a few minutes of double checking confirmed his winnings.

More about the jackpot win on LeoVegas

The game that the guy was playing on is called “Holmes and the Stolen Stones” and is a rather new game from Yggdrasil, a slot machine software provider that has been on the market for a few years now. Unfortunately Yggdrasil aren’t yet certified to operate in UK, however rumors say that they are working on becoming fully certified to offer their games before summer 2016.  We are really excited to hear that Yggdrasil are starting to offer their games towards UK, lately they have been picking up very quickly in their performance and quality. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a progressive jackpot game that was released late September this year. Above each real in the slot machine there are 5 placeholders for gems, the gem color is different on each reel. In the base game you can collect gems until you have gathered a total of 5 of the same color. After this, you enter a free spin feature, where you have 10 spins to gather 5 more gems of the same color, if you manage to get 5 identical gems in total you will receive a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize varies depending on the color of the gems, if you gathered gems that are placed above the rightmost reel, you win the jackpot, and the sequentially the amount gets smaller for each real to the left. Note that you can enter the free spins feature by getting 3 free spins symbols in the base game as well.

Big congratulations to the customer that won the jackpot! We hope that there are many more winnings like these ahead for our readers!


Best of luck! // Eric @ mobilecasino24.co.uk