Kaboo delivers new exciting features!

Kaboo has only been live for a couple of months now, and is being run by the same company that runs Thrills Casino, the name of the company is Betit, they have proven to make great success in their mobile casino ventures as well nowadays. Mobile casino is becoming more and more important, and Betit knew this already when launching Kaboo, hence their mobile casino site is flawless and works just as fine as their desktop site is. This something we value very high here at mobilecasino24.co.uk is.jack png

A big winner from UK was lately announced from Kaboo as well, apparently the customer had played quite low stakes on Jack and the beanstalk, but still managed to win over a baffling 1000 times his bet amount! In Jack and the beanstalk it is very possible to win these high amounts if you have a good roll in the free spins feature. If you manage to unlock enough keys early on and have the expanding wild symbols rolling in, it is more than possible to win these type of amounts, it is actually quite likely. The happy customer informed Kaboo that he was sitting on their mobile casino on his IPad playing when he was watching TV, what an extra joy to the evening!

The first feature that Kaboo is working on for both their desktop and mobile casino site is the “latest played” casino lobby category that will display the slot machines you were active on recently, this can be very helpful when navigating as an active customer at an online casino, especially if you are on a mobile casino on a small screen trying to get around. This is surely not a huge project for Kaboo to deliver, however it is small things like these that are much appreciated when it comes to ease of use.

The second feature is a bit more exciting, and involves a new addition in functionality for Kaboo’s amazing missions. On both desktop and mobile casino, you can now see current progress of ongoing missions that you are on, this gives the missions a richer, more interactive feeling to the experience as a whole, and will surely be noticed as a positive addition to their mobile casino site as well.

As we said, Kaboo has only been online for a few months, and we will surely see many more features being rolled out in the near future, making the mobile casino experience even better!

We have noticed that there has been some issues in understanding the currency that Kaboo is using internally for their customers to trade for free spins. This currency is called Echoes. Every time you deposit, wager or complete missions on Kaboo you receive echoes, with these echoes you are able to purchase free spins in any NetEnt slot machines, this feature is available on mobile casino site as well. Note that different free spins costs different amounts, this is because the free spins bet amounts differ in between slots. One example is that Gonzo’s free spins value is 2x the amount of starburst.

We hope that you find this update about Kaboo exciting! We will keep you updated on any future mobile casino updates from Kaboo, and any other mobile casino for that matter!


Best of luck! Eric @ mobilecasino24.co.uk