Mobile campaigns on 11-17th January!

Hello all of our readers, hope you had an amazing time during Christmas and new year’s eve! Hopefully, 2016 will kick off with huge amounts of winnings for most of you!

To give you a bit of a boost, keeps going with their amazing casino offers, week on week, so make sure to stay tuned for their endless casino bonuses! Starting on the 11th, any deposit gives free spins! Yes, doesn’t matter what amount you deposit, free spins are being credited the day after! Note that this campaign is only for active customers that receives communication specifically about these offers! The more loyal customers can instead claim 10 super spins! Super spins are worth much more, meaning that the bet amount is much higher when you are using those free spins. Note that if you receive communication about the 10 super spins, you need to deposit at least £$€100 to be eligible for the offer! Good news for us mobile users, the free spins can be claimed the day after in the mobile as well!

On the 13th of January, most players on can expect a reload bonus where customers are offered everything from 50% up to £25, ranging all the way up to the opportunity of claiming £600 in bonus. The amount you will be able to claim depends of course on how loyal of a customer you are to that casino!

On the 15th, go in and play early to kick off the weekend with some free spins, if the luck is there you might get very far with those free spins! A couple of weeks ago, we here at actually managed to turn 10 free spins on Jack Hammer 2 to a staggering £340! If you deposit £25 or more before 6 PM CET tonight this Friday, you can expect 10 free spins at 8 PM! If you are a VIP customer, you can actually receive super spins worth £120 by depositing £500 or more, however note that the offer applicable to you is communicated to you via e-mail!

As with most Sundays, you get double progression in the bonus-o-metre on the 17th as well, so make sure to head over to and pick up some extra bonuses by playing on Sundays!

Best of luck on the coming year, we wish all of you a great start of 2016! // Eric

Thrills hints about their Christmas plans!

Hello all mobile casino gamblers, hope you had a great weekend! Unfortunately… we are back to Mondays, where no-one really wants to do anything but dream of the coming weekend once again. Some good news are that you can pass your time at thrills this week with generous offers on some of our favorite mobile slot machines!

As Christmas is coming closer, Thrills are preparing for the most amazing casino Christmas calendar for all of you! In fact, they are making one of the longest calendars we have ever seen in the history of mobile casino gambling! The calendar at will be 38 days long! We will give you all more information on this in the coming week, make sure to check that out!

Tomorrow, on Tuesday the 17th you get extra value by depositing! Make a deposit today on either mobile or on our computer and get free spins tomorrow! The free spins are credited on one of our favorite slot machines, Jack and the Beanstalk! This campaign is segmented, which means that depending on how active you generally are on this casino, you can get more or less free spins, so check out your email inbox if you received any mails from Thrills about these free spins! The most loyal customers are being credited super spins with a total value of up to £60!

Between Tuesday and Friday there aren’t too much action, however if you feel like playing anyway, make a deposit at thrills mobile casino! Sticking to one mobile casino can be very much worth it in the long as you can see from the free spins offering above. Actually, the value of being a really good customer in this case differs in close to 30 times the value, which is huge!

On Friday, Thrills are promoting a couple of their newly released games from the online slot machine provider Quickspin, their games are very clean and lots of fun to play. Examples of games from Quickspin that you will now find on are: Razortooth, Sevens High, Big Bad Wolf, Crystal Queen and many more! The actual casino campaign is a 100% reload, the maximum bonus cap differs once again between customers, so check out your inbox for this one as well! You can claim the reload on the mobile casino as well, if you are in love with playing on mobile like we are!

On Sunday the 22nd, Thrills are once again doubling the contribution towards their bonus-meter, which means that you get double the amount of valuables than you would normally get, GREAT NEWS!

We are really happy that Thrills are staying active with promotions to their customers, and that they are staying true to their promise of keeping their customers happy in the long run as well!

We hope you all have a great week and manages to survive until the weekend comes once again!

Best of luck! / Eric @

Mr Green has new promotions in the middle of November!

Mr Green is once again up and coming with a new week full of promotions in their amazing mobile casino promotion calendar! This week there is a mix of Microgaming and NetEnt slot machines being used in the promotions, so there is surely something that would be interesting for you! Note that all campaigns are available and running via their mobile casino as well!

Starting with tonight we encourage you all to give Ariana and Dolphins Gold a shot at Mr Green as there is an additional chance of taking your share of £1000 in their cash drop! The price pool is being shared between 20 players that are randomly chosen, you can win a top price of £250!
Mr Green mobile

If you don’t win tonight, give it another go tomorrow as they are running yet another cash drop with the same price pool. You cannot miss out on this!

On Wednesday the 11th , Mr Green is warming up for tomorrows awesome NetEnt release, King of Slots! Tonight you can gather a total of 120 free spins on top of your deposits. Note that the free spins are being credited the day after! To get the maximum amount of free spins, you have to make a deposit of £100 or more. If you don’t really feel like depositing that amount, you can go all way down to £20 and still get 20 free spins to try out King of Slots the day after!

On Friday the 13th you have to stay inside, if you don’t know why, read this Wikipedia article. Another great reason to why you should stay in tonight, is because you get another chance to grab another 120 free spin in the mobile casino! The campaign works exactly the same as it does on Wednesday, you get the freespins the day after, no later than 1 PM.

The weekend is packed with more action as there is a £2000 price pool in tournament that is open to all! The tournament can be played both on desktop and mobile casino, so you don’t have to stay in for this one either! The 1st place goes home with a £1000 in cash! The only thing you need, is a good streak of 20 good spins in a true NetEnt classic: Flowers and Flowers Touch!

Don’t miss out on this awesome week at Mr Green! If you have already, register here!

Have a great week mobilecasino24 readers! // Eric, writer @

LeoVegas jackpot winner in mobile casino!

A mobile casino customer won a jackpot just a few days ago. The story behind this one is really funny to be honest. The customer was playing on the mobile casino whilst sitting on the toilet, apparently he had been eating something bad and was stuck there for a while, so he thought that he might as well play some mobile casino meanwhile! The customer only deposited £50 and ended up with close to £30 000!

The customer was later on interviewed by LeoVegas, and he told them his story behind the jackpot win, which LeoVegas probably had a good laugh about, with all rights! When he actually won the jackpot, he couldn’t really believe that it was true, he initially thought that some kind of video had been triggered that was showcasing how the jackpot feature was looking in the game, however when he closed the game and checked his account balance he got further confirmation that this might actually have been a real win. To confirm to 100%, the customer called in to LeoVegas customer service, which after a few minutes of double checking confirmed his winnings.

More about the jackpot win on LeoVegas

The game that the guy was playing on is called “Holmes and the Stolen Stones” and is a rather new game from Yggdrasil, a slot machine software provider that has been on the market for a few years now. Unfortunately Yggdrasil aren’t yet certified to operate in UK, however rumors say that they are working on becoming fully certified to offer their games before summer 2016.  We are really excited to hear that Yggdrasil are starting to offer their games towards UK, lately they have been picking up very quickly in their performance and quality. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a progressive jackpot game that was released late September this year. Above each real in the slot machine there are 5 placeholders for gems, the gem color is different on each reel. In the base game you can collect gems until you have gathered a total of 5 of the same color. After this, you enter a free spin feature, where you have 10 spins to gather 5 more gems of the same color, if you manage to get 5 identical gems in total you will receive a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize varies depending on the color of the gems, if you gathered gems that are placed above the rightmost reel, you win the jackpot, and the sequentially the amount gets smaller for each real to the left. Note that you can enter the free spins feature by getting 3 free spins symbols in the base game as well.

Big congratulations to the customer that won the jackpot! We hope that there are many more winnings like these ahead for our readers!


Best of luck! // Eric @

Kaboo delivers new exciting features!

Kaboo has only been live for a couple of months now, and is being run by the same company that runs Thrills Casino, the name of the company is Betit, they have proven to make great success in their mobile casino ventures as well nowadays. Mobile casino is becoming more and more important, and Betit knew this already when launching Kaboo, hence their mobile casino site is flawless and works just as fine as their desktop site is. This something we value very high here at is.jack png

A big winner from UK was lately announced from Kaboo as well, apparently the customer had played quite low stakes on Jack and the beanstalk, but still managed to win over a baffling 1000 times his bet amount! In Jack and the beanstalk it is very possible to win these high amounts if you have a good roll in the free spins feature. If you manage to unlock enough keys early on and have the expanding wild symbols rolling in, it is more than possible to win these type of amounts, it is actually quite likely. The happy customer informed Kaboo that he was sitting on their mobile casino on his IPad playing when he was watching TV, what an extra joy to the evening!

The first feature that Kaboo is working on for both their desktop and mobile casino site is the “latest played” casino lobby category that will display the slot machines you were active on recently, this can be very helpful when navigating as an active customer at an online casino, especially if you are on a mobile casino on a small screen trying to get around. This is surely not a huge project for Kaboo to deliver, however it is small things like these that are much appreciated when it comes to ease of use.

The second feature is a bit more exciting, and involves a new addition in functionality for Kaboo’s amazing missions. On both desktop and mobile casino, you can now see current progress of ongoing missions that you are on, this gives the missions a richer, more interactive feeling to the experience as a whole, and will surely be noticed as a positive addition to their mobile casino site as well.

As we said, Kaboo has only been online for a few months, and we will surely see many more features being rolled out in the near future, making the mobile casino experience even better!

We have noticed that there has been some issues in understanding the currency that Kaboo is using internally for their customers to trade for free spins. This currency is called Echoes. Every time you deposit, wager or complete missions on Kaboo you receive echoes, with these echoes you are able to purchase free spins in any NetEnt slot machines, this feature is available on mobile casino site as well. Note that different free spins costs different amounts, this is because the free spins bet amounts differ in between slots. One example is that Gonzo’s free spins value is 2x the amount of starburst.

We hope that you find this update about Kaboo exciting! We will keep you updated on any future mobile casino updates from Kaboo, and any other mobile casino for that matter!


Best of luck! Eric @